KENPAT Fireproofing, LLC, is a licensed installer of Isolatek International, WR Grace, Carboline, Pyrok and K-13 fireproofing and acoustical products. We have the knowledge, ability and equipment to install cementitious spray applied fireproofing, Spray Fiber applied fireproofing and intumescent fireproofing. We are capable of spraying these products in small to large projects across the southeastern United States.

KENPAT Fireproofing, LLC, maintains a team of highly skilled, professional, and experienced craftsmen. We look at every job as a unique opportunity to demonstrate our ability and quality. Your choice of a fireproofing contractor for your project is critical because efficiency is everything. A contractor like KENPAT Fireproofing, who knows their business inside and out, will get in and out with a minimal impact on your budget.

Spray Fireproofing Services:

• Standard, medium and high-density fireproofing on any size structure

• Replacement and abatement fireproofing

• Intumescent Thin Films Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (A.E.S.S.) Thin films provide necessary fireproofing protection, for highly visible & exposed locations

Spray Acoustical Products Services:

• K-13 provides excellent acoustical benefits as well as Class I/Class A flame spread rating. The product comes in a variety of different colors, while custom coloring is available.

• We are licensed Pyrok applicators and can provide you with a range of acoustical services using this fine product.