Florida's Premiere Fireproofing Service

KENPAT Fireproofing, LLC, is part of the KENPAT family of related companies.  KENPAT has been serving contractors for over 40 years and has won numerous awards for our drywall, framing and ceiling work.

KENPAT has offered fireproofing services for a number of years under the KENPAT name. In 2014, KENPAT established a variety of companies that are more directly focused on specific markets. One of those markets was support of the spray fireproofing and acoustical spray products industries. As a result KENPAT Fireproofing, LLC, was set up to as a separate entity to offer Spray Applied Fireproofing and Acoustical Spray Products for these markets.

KENPAT Fireproofing has worked on a wide variety of fireproofing and acoustical spray projects, including both large and small facilities. KENPAT Fireproofing stands ready to provide the highest level of service and skill for your next project.



KENPAT is an equal opportunity employer.

Opportunities exist in Florida. If you are interested in applying for any position, please apply in person from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at:
90 S Bradshaw Road
Apopka, FL 32703
Contact us at hresources@kenpat.net with any questions or concerns.