KENPAT Fireproofing

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Blaze Shield II Fireproofing

Fire Safing Thickness

CAFCO 300 Fireproofing

1 Hour Roof Design

K-13 Acoustical Spray Application

For Sound Control


High-End Acoustical Spray

Spray-Applied Fireproofing and Acoustical Products

KENPAT Fireproofing is your best choice for spray applied fireproofing and acoustical spray products for three key reasons:

1. Experience. We bring 80 years of management, estimating and field operations management experience in fireproofing working on large-scale facilities to enhance your project. We have the know-how, the equipment and the history to do your fireproofing or acoustical spray job right, the first time, every time.
2. Quality. With fireproofing and acoustical spray experience comes quality. You can be sure your job will be completed to the highest standards.
3. Financial Stability. The financial and bonding capacity to take on even the largest fireproofing or acousical spray projects assures you that we will be there to see your project to completion./p>

You are invited to contact us and include us in the bidding process for your next fireproofing or acoustical spray job. You'll be glad you did.